Priceless Memories

One of the most special family shoots i have ever done.

Some days you just meet people who inspire you, who show you what life is really all about, and who are just so damn strong!.  I had the privilege of being able to capture sone pretty special moments for this amazing family. 

Meet Amanda, she is married with 2 beautiful little girls, Savannah & Willow, she turned 30 in May last year and then in June she was diagnosed with Stage 3 Triple Negative Breast Cancer, which had spread to her lymph nodes and sternum, with a growing speed of 90% Only 10% of people in the world are diagnosed with this cancer, being the fastest most aggressive cancer.  Amanda has completed 20 rounds of Chemotherapy which finished in December and 26 rounds of Radiation which finished on Tuesday.  So on Wednesday what a way to celebrate by taking this gorgeous family out to take some photos to mark this special occasion.  I did this for no other reason than to give them a gift of memories and to spend time together, Photos can capture these moments and I hope you guys will look back at these for years to come & always smile when you look at them. 

Amanda, has her first surgery in March, with 2 more to follow that.  All I can say to you Amanda is, honestly you are one of the strongest, most positive people I have ever met, for someone who has been through so much, the smile you have on your face is just special, it truly was an honour to be able to do this for your family.  Almost everyone I know has someone in their lives who has or dealing with this awful disease.  Personally there are way to many people in my life who have been through and are continuing to go through this.  Life is short, never take any day for granted, and make sure that you experience happy, because some people don’t have that privilege.

Thank you Amanda for sharing your story with us. xx


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