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My Story

I love what I do!

To me, Photography is not a job – it’s my passion.  It’s a privilege to be able to capture the special moments and people in your life so that the memories live on.

A bit about me.  I am an avid Sports Fan, netball was my life but I have recently retired, I have two gorgeous boys, I can’t live without coffee (or a good glass of wine mind you), my favourite movie is Dirty Dancing and A Star is Born, Music is my outlet and gets me through a lot of tough times, my fave dessert is Cannoli, Sunset is my favourite part of the day, my dream is to travel to New York, roam the streets with my camera & just snap away, exercise is super important to me both physically & mentally and I love a bit of online shopping!. Random Yes.  So, my love for Photography started at a young age, I have always loved taking photos. Truth is, when I finished school I never knew what I wanted to do.   After school jobs in hospitality, a short stint in a law firm and then at the age of 22 I opened my first business being a fitness centre.  All of these things taught me so much, but knew deep down this wasn’t what I wanted for the rest of my life.  One day a Photographer took a photo for me. A photo of my grandparents sitting on a bench looking at each other, they didn’t know the camera was there, he just captured them in their most natural state, this photo makes me so damn happy every single time I see it, because these two people are two of the most important people in my life and I will always have the memory of them at their happiest. Sounds silly but that photo started me on my journey. 

I was fortunate enough to start working with, what I can only say, as one of the most talented photographers out there, did a lot of on the job experience, many long hours, I studied long and hard for years and then eventually I took the leap and started my business. I have found my forever job and it truly makes me happy. 

Why pick me?

Really, all I want to do is capture moments, real moments, if there is a fleeting moment and the emotion is there I will get it and at the end of the day that is what its about for me.  Taking those special moments in your life with the people who mean the most to you and documenting them for you to look back at for years to come and smile.  Life is short, and one day all you will have is a memory of a person or a moment, and for me to be able to capture that for you makes me truly happy inside. If you are after the fake poses and cheesy smiles then I am not the Photographer for you, I want you to have fun and capture those nice natural smiles.. 

Look, I understand how confusing it can get as there are so many different photographers out there. When it comes to Weddings, Your Wedding photographer is someone who you will spend the whole day with, so it is so important that you are comfortable around them. This not only helps you to relax in front of the camera, but also allows you to enjoy your day as best you can. I can quite honestly say that I have been to soooo many weddings over the years, but even to this day, every single wedding excites me just as much as the first one did. I truly care, and want you to get the best photos you can.  I always like to meet with you to go through your day and make sure I am what you are looking for, so please feel free to flick me an email and we can do just that!

To me, it is super important for this experience to be fun & relaxed so that you are comfortable in front of the camera.

I want your photos to meet your expectations which is why i put a lot of time and effort into the planning and preparation of your day so that we get the best possible result.  I don’t want your photos to look like everyone else’s, and this is why we will work together to ensure your photos are creative, unique and that the whole experience is memorable. I will offer suggestions and work with your ideas to give you those memories you will treasure for many years to come.

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Photography is not just a job, it’s my passion!

Photography by Karina Cook, South Australia